PROJECT: Yaroomba Beach council submission

If you’ve been to the Sunshine Coast recently, you may have noticed that exciting things are afoot in the tiny town of Yaroomba. The coastal gem has captured the attention of global property development moguls Sekisui House, a Japanese-based company that has been creating beautiful and environmentally conscious developments around the world since 1960. Its latest proposed project is Yaroomba Beach, a resort and lifestyle precinct designed for both locals and visitors to enjoy.

This is where we come in – Sekisui House enlisted the help of us here at Colour Chiefs, along with our comrades in map creative, who were in charge of the beautiful design work, to create a breathtaking council submission document to present the positive case for the Yaroomba Beach development. Our brief was to highlight the style and sophistication that this game-changing development would bring to the Sunshine Coast, physically illustrating Sekisui House’s commitment to deliver a quality and timeless outcome.

Our Chiefs team took the reigns on the physical aspect, using laser etching, foam inserts, wood and fabric to create a visually stunning book that map creative filled with punchy copywriting and design. The results blew Sekisui House away – its team was thrilled with our combined effort, detail and craftsmanship. Going above and beyond really pays off!