ColourChiefs likes being green

ColourChiefs, with the assistance of Printing Industries Australia, implemented environmentally sound printing practices. We have an Australian Green Printer Certification Level 2.

The environmental system we implemented addresses our main impacts which are waste output and energy consumption, and reduced our consumption immediately and continually. Where possible, we use recycled paper and reduce our raw input including energy.

We comply with all applicable legal regulations including legislation, codes or practice and standards. Policies and procedures are implemented to ensure continual improvement, these include:

  • Developing and maintaining an Environmental Management System (EMS) that sets and reviews environmental objectives.
  • Documenting our environmental performance to ensure transparent monitoring.
  • Ongoing training to ensure all staff and relevant suppliers are up-to-date with the latest practices and policies.
  • A commitment to preventing pollution, focusing on minimising the release of contaminants into the environment and the efficient use of raw materials.