PROJECT: New Farm Deli condiment holders

When it comes to iconic Brisbane dining institutions, one name that is bound to pop up on many lists is the New Farm Deli. Since 1975, the Deli has been a trusted local hotspot to source all things delicious – traditional Italian and European cheeses, meats and delicacies abound in a charming epicurean wonderland that has retained its timeless quality. As part of the deli, the cafe forms an integral part of this beloved business – it is famous for its amazing food, quick service and vibrant atmosphere.

All good cafes share one important quality – the presence of a well-stocked condiment caddy. Nobody wants to have to pester their waiter for salt or pepper, so it makes sense to store it neatly on the individual tables, right? We were thrilled when New Farm Deli approached us to design and create some swish condiment containers for the cafe, and we wasted no time whipping up the perfect caddy. Our design was brought to life with laser cut black acrylic, colour-matched plywood, gold acrylic lettering and four-colour printing, resulting in a sleek, stylish holder that still fits in seamlessly with the existing aesthetic of the cafe.