PROJECT: Michael Zavros limited edition box

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in the case of Michael Zavros it’s more like a million. The Brisbane artist’s hyper-realistic paintings are the kind of thing you have to see to truly believe – when viewing his work, it’s a pure trip trying to comprehend that you’re looking at oil on canvas and not a digital photograph. You get the picture – this guy is insanely talented. ColourChiefs was approached for two crucial parts of Michael’s project – to engage in the pre-press colour management of the images, and to create a protective cover for the monograph.

Michael’s book contains more than 120 beautifully rendered works, as well as essays from some of the art world’s leading figures, so it makes sense that he would reach out to us for the pre-press colour management. As experts in the field, we made sure the images in the book reflected the real-life quality of Michael’s work as closely as possible. The second part of the project was to create a stylish yet practical home for the book, for which ColourChiefs custom designed and constructed a CAD-designed shell and hand-bound box to hold the manuscript. Five of these boxes were given an extra-special touch in the form of one-off hand painted covers, creating a truly unique collectable.

The result was a stunning limited edition masterpiece that looks just as good on the outside as the contents within.