(INK)UBATE: Griffith University Red Zone console

Colour Chiefs loves a challenge so when the (INK)ubate team were asked to develop the Griffith University Red Zone console, they were keen to jump at the opportunity. The project saw the crew take inspiration from old-school arcade machines to create two brand-new gaming consoles for the Red Zone initiative at Griffith University’s Gold Coast and Nathan campuses. Each console was housing an Xbox gaming system, LCD screen, speakers, headphone jacks and game controls that were chained-fixed to the dashboard. Ventilation and mobility were key to ensure longevity and ease of transport.
Using a combination of CNC milling, laser cutting and large format printing equipment, MDF and acrylic materials were used to bring to life the vision that was first modelled completely in 3D CAD. There were even some completely new techniques created to form certain shapes in the assembly process – innovation at its finest.
From start to finish, the project took 12 weeks. The timeline is as follows:
Week 1: Briefing, material planning, conceptual design
Weeks 2–4: CAD design, proofing and revisions
Weeks 5–7: Material fabrication, general assembly
Weeks 8–10: Painting and printing vinyl
Weeks 11–12: Wrapping, final assembly, wiring and testing