INSPIRATION: People power makes this global choir cool

Popular culture sure has done a good job of making choirs cool. Long gone is the reputation that organised singing is for nerds – the image now is that singing groups are actually pretty badass. Although born from very traditional beginnings, this is a story about a choir that is anything but conventional. Using brainpower, the internet and a little inspiration from a stranger, conductor Eric Whitacre created a ‘virtual choir’ that has to be heard to be believed.

Originally falling into choir by chance and eventually rising to become a widely respected conductor and composer, Eric had created many works in the past to be sung by choral groups. It wasn’t until a fan of his posted a video of herself singing a line to his piece called ‘Sleep’ that he had the brainwave to start this project. He posted a free download to the music to his composition ‘Lux Aurumque’, along with an open invitation for people around the world to upload themselves singing to it … and oh boy, they did. If you want a taste of aural heaven, this virtual choir of 2,000 voices from cyberspace will do the trick.