INSPIRATION: Internet outrage brings MS Paint back from the brink of death

When it comes to computers, few things hold as much pure nostalgic value as a little program called MS Paint. Long the preferred method of time wasting before the Internet actually came to computers, this humble program has become something of a comforting staple in the lives of many. Thus, it comes as no surprise that there was an outpouring of public outrage and grief when Microsoft announced plans to axe the beloved tool of artistic expression in late July.

Following an outpouring of support, the powers that be hastily announced that MS Paint would live to see another day, albeit in a slightly different format. The original program may cop some heat for being a bit basic, but over the years people have actually managed to create some legitimately amazing works of art. It just goes to show that with a little imagination (and a lot of time), you can use something simple to make amazing things.

Browse some of the mind-blowing MS Paint art from around the world here – we promise it’s better than the lead image of this story.