INNOVATION: Melanoma self-testing

Australia may be a famously sunburnt country, but one of the unfortunate side effects of our warm climate is our seriously increased risk of skin cancer. Melanoma is a scary thing, mostly because it can look like something as small as a harmless mole while actually harbouring deadly cancer cells. We are all probably guilty of not getting a doctor to look at our skin anywhere near as often as we should, so the invention of a brand new self-testing system for melanoma is a total game-changer.

Researchers at the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute have developed a 90-second online test that identify the risk of melanoma in people over 40, based on crucial data collected from the world’s largest skin cancer study. Using image examples alongside questions, people can click through the intuitive test and gauge their risk level quickly and accurately. Upon receiving results, you are advised of your best course of action – but the test stresses that there is no replacement for a real-life skin check.

Curious? You can take the test right here – and it may just save your life.