INNOVATION: Paintings that are out of this world

In the digital age, it is becoming increasingly convenient to indulge your creative impulses on a whim. Gone are the days when you had to hand-sculpt giant statues with nothing but a slab of marble and a chisel, or have the subject of your portrait sit for hours at a time without being able to move. Nuts to that, we say! As per usual, the gang at Google has created something totally bonkers and futuristic to take your art attacks to the next level – introducing the Tilt Brush, a 3D virtual reality tool that opens up a world of possibilities.

The Tilt Brush is made up of both a virtual reality headset and digital brush, immersing users into a world where they can create amazing three-dimensional paintings, sculptures and art installations in a matter of seconds. The virtual palette features a mind-boggling selection of brush options, from ink and snow to smoke and fire. If you’re ever wanted to create your own life-sized world, this may very well be the gadget that can help you at least pretend for a while.