INNOVATION: Coca-Cola changes the ad game with a world first

We’re living in a generation that is becoming increasingly impervious to the charm of advertising. Between ad blocking software and general cynicism about the consumer market, companies have to try really damn hard to capture our attention for more than a second before we walk (or scroll) on by. Enter branding behemoth and general provider of fizzy crack-like goodness Coca-Cola with its game-changing new approach – a mother heckin’ 3D robotic billboard, son!

Of course this reveal went down in Times Square, the home of eye-popping outdoor advertising. The sign is the first of its kind in the world, bringing the iconic brand to life with the help of 1,760 independently moving LED screens with programmed choreography. The structure takes up six storeys, so between that and the whole “moving wall” thing it’s pretty hard to miss. Oh, and the marketing geniuses also incorporated an extra element into the launch that released a refreshingly cool mist into the crowd, taking that subliminal craving to the next level. Pretty clever, huh?